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How to Raise Antiracist Kids with Dr. Monea Abdul-Majeed

January 12, 2021

Part of being a homeschool parent is learning to talk to our kids about the hard stuff, and one of those things is antiracism. You might think that you are antiracist and that you already know what antiracism means. However, our podcast guest for today encourages us to go beyond just saying “I’m not racist.”


Dr. Monea Abdul-Majeed joins me on today’s episode to talk about Authentic Antiracism. She is a Racial Equity Strategist, Antiracism Trainer, 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher and homeschool mom, who leads organizations and wellness spaces to racial equity through training, strategy, and her 4 R approach: reflection, relationships, restoration, and resilience.


She shares with us how we can be more aware of the racist messages and biases that we encounter in our everyday lives and what we can do to change our attitudes and behaviors. Dr. Monea also shares how we can learn more about antiracism and how parents like us can raise antiracist children.

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